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That being said, I am not opposed to going back in my phone to apply this grease, I didn't want to delay getting this posted for S2 owners, and I can update the instructable after I use the grease if it makes it noticeably more stable. I believe I know why the S2 has such a terrible history with a gps fix and my technique for the S2 should still be followed. More on this later in the Instructable. While it is powering down, remove the back cover to reveal the battery. Once it's finished powering down, remove the battery. Forgetting the SD card while making sure you don't forget any of the screws can make you wonder why the back cover can't be removed..

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It is at this point I would also like to point out the gps antennas that I don't believe are making a contact at all with the motherboard. They are underneath all of the square and rectangle shapes, between the white circles in the picture, with a black coating on them. It is from the video that I learned the contacts on the antenna may not be making a contact with the motherboard, even though they are touching.

I'll explain this in a few more steps from now. We'll continue to open the phone. The ear phone jack fits inside a hole at the top of the phone so you might even break something trying to pull the top away, without loosening it at the bottom, then being able to lift it over the ear phone jack.

No special tools were required for this. I used my finger nails to pull at the edge and lift it over the tabs. The circled points on the motherboard come into contact with the metal on the back of the phone to enhance gps reception. Even though the contacts at the motherboard touch the surface of the antenna, I do not believe there is a metal to metal connection.

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You can use a small standard screwdriver pictured here, or a metal pick to gently scrape away the material that coats the point of contact. Do this for all of the locations that the motherboard will come into contact with the back of the phone. Since I haven't applied the dielectric or contact grease, which should improve the connection hands down, I sometimes don't get a fix, or it takes a long time, 1 minute to 20 minutes.

So it will save you time if you open your phone with the grease on hand, and do the whole thing in one shot. For me, and many many other S2 owners, getting a fix at all will be proof that what you did improves the gps performance. I did slightly manipulate the contacts on the motherboard ages ago, thinking that's all I needed to do for the gps to work and it still wouldn't. I didn't mention manipulating them as part of my instructable because I don't believe they need to be adjusted, compared to making a metal to metal contact, antenna to motherboard.

GPS Fix Samsung S2 (Sii) Epic Touch: 7 Steps

If I'm not getting a gps fix, I will open that app to see if it shows any or how many satellites. Remember, weather can affect reception too. Let me explain what happened here. It took a few days for those of you who were waiting for an update to apply contact grease. I recommend it.

Review Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (i9105P) Smartphone

If it's not worth the 10 percent increase in signal strength I experienced, there will be some protection from corrosion, when you lightly scratched at the coating to make a better connection. I used a 2. The series of three pictures above represent the fluctuation in signal about 3 to 4 seconds apart. I was driving down the road and my wife was taking pictures of it in the dash.

The most important observation I made was when she initiated the phone's gps and turned the GPS Test app on, nothing happened. Dual-core smartphones are coming thick and fast now and one of the most lauded contenders is the Samsung Galaxy S2 or Samsung Galaxy SII i to give it its full name. Following in the footsteps of its exceedingly popular predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S , the new model packs in a whopping 4.

At just 8. Indeed the Samsung has thought about this usability issue though. Rather than making you stretch all the way to the top edge to lock and unlock the phone, you can unlock it using the central button on the front.

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Also, the power button is housed on the right edge where it falls more easily within reach — it is still a bit of a stretch though. We have few complaints when it comes to styling, but here too are not particularly blown away. The front is clearly an homage to the iPhone 4 with a mostly seamless expanse of glass except for the earpiece grille and central button.

The latter finish adorns the battery cover, which prizes off via a thumbnail notch on the left edge, and is alarmingly thin and flimsy. Indeed, with its thin profile, the whole phone feels a little delicate compared to the robustness of something like the iPhone 4. There is one further slip up, though.

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC Sensation - GPS Test

Emerging from the blackness either side of the central Home button when the phone is activated are light-up touch sensitive controls for Back and Menu. The particular version of Android on show here is Android 2.

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