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The Banner Saga is a Viking Epic strategy RPG with turn-based combat, filled with immersive story telling and over 25 playable characters, items, gear, and weapons, and character enhancements through stat and ability upgrades as well as your typical RPG level progression.

Runner-Up: Battleheart Legacy

One of the best parts about the game is that the story is player driven, so every decision you make will have an affect on the outcome of the game in some way, whether it be you engaging in another battle or gaining more supplies for use later on in the adventure. All the visuals are also completely hand drawn, making for a really gorgeous backdrop while you play. There is also voice acting for certain scenes throughout the game, which always has a way of connecting the game to the player on a deeper level.

This was tough, as I really enjoyed this game. It offers some pretty cool graphics and tons of hours of awesome gameplay, with multiple engaging playable character class types and some really exciting combat.

15 Best Android RPGs of 2014

Battleheart Legacy is definitely not a game to be missed. AH Awards Share This Article: Battleheart Legacy This was tough, as I really enjoyed this game. Honorable Mention: The Shadow Sun. This post may contain affiliate links. See our privacy policy for more information. December 02, , 4: Android News Awards. About the Author. Justin Diaz Head Editor. Lover of food, craft beer, movies, travel, and all things tech.

1. Dungeons of Evilibrium

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love this. Now is your chance to make your own adventure!

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Create your character and get ready for Hogwarts! Choose your story, learn magical spells and gather knowledge. Many Professors like Snape and Dumbledore will teach you powerful magic spells and get you ready to face rivals on this magical journey.

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Explore the Hogwarts Castle, build relationships, participate on the House Cup, investigate ancient mysteries and many more. ALL-M Publisher: July 14, Kritika is one of the best fast-paced, hack-and-slash RPG games out there. Having one of the greatest combat systems on a mobile game, Kritika offers you over stages to complete with the variety of many difficulty levels to choose on each one.

►10 Best Offline Android Games 2015

There are thirteen champions available to choose at the moment, with unique skills and abilities. Every champion has a difficulty level based on their use and skills. You can also assign pets besides you that will make you stronger in battle!

  • Top 5 Best Free RPG Games for Android.
  • Swap Heroes 2.
  • 15 best RPG games for iPhone and Android (2015 edition).
  • Grinding on this game is actually really enjoyable and you always have the option to auto-play, if you get bored or tired. Mini Bosses are included on the end of every stage and World Bosses at the events where you can co-op with other players online. Alim Publisher: Square Enix Platform: October 22, You are able to make parties up to six characters with your own likes and combinations.

    The most exciting part, especially for the fans of the series, is that it allows you to play with characters from past Final Fantasy titles! Explore the world of Brave Exvius with bunch different types of dungeons to enjoy and an amazing story flow. Nexon Publisher: Nexon Platform: June 21, This is a favorite! An amazing game with console level graphics, innovative gameplay and stunning visuals! It takes place in a dark fantasy world with a great story mode, followed by dungeon raids, stage levels full of monsters and intense boss fights.

    Choose your class and start your adventure or unleash your skills on the arena against other players!

    15 best RPG games for iPhone and Android ( edition)

    Netmarble Games Platform: December 14, The well known game Lineage II is now available for all of us to enjoy it through our mobile devices. I highly recommend this kind of RPGs to those who can spent a lot of time playing it. It requires hours to learn the game and for sure a big amount of time doing quests, grinding for equipment and level exp. Frozen Frog Platform: Diablo is not an RPG; no role-playing whatsoever. Its almost like you are so wrong that they named an entire type of RPG after Diablo. Are there seriously no apps and games for windows phone??

    It has 3D graphics. Played it before on PC. I also got it for my mobile. Its one of the rare action adverture game with a focus on humor. I wish they do a remake on King Quest and Space Quest. Love them! Want to comment?

    32 Best Role Playing Games (RPG) Available for Android Users

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    2. Blood Brothers

    Share Tweet Share. We might not yet have Diablo for Android and iPhone, but this does not mean there aren't some great role-playing RPG games on mobile. While there is quite a few original RPG releases for iPhone and Android, it's impossible to do such a round-up without mentioning some PC classics that have recently been adapted for touchscreens.