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Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android Microsoft Edge syncs your favorites, passwords and content across devices so you can pick up where you left off and get more done. Quickly find things you were working on yesterday Ever wonder where you saved that file, or that website you were looking at? Connected From PC to mobile, you can browse seamlessly across your devices, while your information syncs in the background.

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Personalized Your eBooks, passwords, and favorites are synced across your devices, so your browser is always personalized to you. Follow this page. Share this Page. Discover now one of the most popular franchise of all time on your mobile device! Our team is working permanently to improve your experience.


Dear Assassins, we have been working hard to create a better experience for you! Heroic Mode is an amazing place to dive in for improving your gear and reaching higher ranks - you'll really want to check it out! What does this mean for you veteran Assassins? We have removed all Decryption features from the App in favor of the Forge. A visual tutorial is included to make forging a breeze. Your stored Decryption items will be converted into currency or new Forge items.

And there's even more good news: Last but not least, we present to you the Mystery Boxes - small chests that appear in 5 qualities and 3 types - they will be available in many places throughout the game - great loot awaits you! Here is the overview of the new features you can now enjoy: Unlock a new heroic difficulty level by completing the story campaign. This will present you with extraordinary challenges and the chance to unlock even more features and game modes. Switch anytime between following the story campaign or playing countless contract missions for extra rewards and specific items.

Get to know each new feature you unlock in a completely reworked tutorial. You can now find all of your possessions and player stats in the redesigned inventory for a much easier overview. Get your hands on these precious treasure chests in order to receive random rewards of various qualities. Replacing the decryption system, this new feature allows you to upgrade your old or unused equipment into more powerful gear.

You now have the chance to earn some extra Abstergo Credits for free. Visit the shop! We hope you enjoy these changes. Please continue to share your comments with us on Facebook and Twitter. Dear Assassins, we are working hard to create a better experience for you! You can now enjoy: Find hidden chests to get extra loot in each mission!

Ubisoft - Assassin's Creed: Rebellion

Get an extra amount of Coins in each mission by using the new Reward Boost. You now get more Coins and XP for each mission. Additional improvements following your feedback: You will get access to new locations way faster than before. Training your Assassin is cheaper now!

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This renaming should make things easier to understand and be more intuitive. Continue directly to the next mission without having to go back to the animus. Several smaller bug fixes will improve your experience. Dear player, we are working hard to create a better experience for you! Please share your comments with us. More loot for you!

You can now get items, modules and decryption items when you successfully finish a mission. Playing on different devices? Just link your profile with Facebook and login from the social tab. You can also invite and play with your Facebook friends! Progress faster with the new XP Module. Challenges have been added to the main missions in each location. Try the refresh button on top. We have also made additional improvements following your feedback: The tutorial Pop-Ups are not shown any longer after successfully finishing the first story mission.

The cool-down of your skills is now visible without opening the skill wheel. The Assassin hireling list has been improved. The Parkour missions have been improved. Tutorial visualization and content has been improved. App Rating Pop Up has been added so you can support us Additional bug fixing. Dear Assassins, This latest release includes the following improvements: You can use Facebook again to create an account. Enjoy the game!

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Dear Assassins, we have listened to your feedback and now bring you a wealth of new features with this latest release. Prove your skills by unlocking achievements in the game. Each achievement also provides you with a useful reward. Become a true Assassin by mastering even the toughest challenges for each mission. The iconic move of any true Assassin is now finally available. Roma Coloseo is now playable! Your loyalty shall be rewarded.

Assassin's Creed Revelations: E3 Trailer - Ubisoft [NA]

Earn valuable items each day you enter the game. Simply use the new action button instead of tapping on the screen. All parts of the game are now more thoroughly explained in the new and enhanced tutorial. Earn modules to equip your Assassin with buffs that give you an advantage in your missions for a limited amount of time. The Animus has been improved to become more intuitive and easier to understand.

The revamped kill token allows you to trigger awesome finishing moves. You can now choose the Assassin for which you generate loot. Additional mission types are available in all locations. You will need a few more points to unlock the latest Skill Tiers, but you can now unlock your secondary class faster.

And as always, there have been a lot of bug fixes throughout the game.