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Go on a segway tour through South Barrule Plantation. The initial phase is all about learning how to operate a segway safely. The views will leave you feeling spoilt to say the least. If you want to get your blood pumping, this will do it. He will show you areas you would never stumble across. Little Fish Cafe in Douglas. The atmosphere is welcoming and the interior will give you ideas for own home and the seafood is fresh. If you happen to be in Peel, make sure you stop at The Boatyard.

We had their fish gratin and honestly felt like we had just been given a big warm hug. Comfort food at its best. The service is impeccable and the food is lip smackingly good. During each course, our eyes lightened up as plates upon plates of artistic, tasty food landed in front of us. The standout dishes? On a side note — the wine list is fantastic and the prices are extremely reasonable. Home Life Travel. Enter the Isle of Man. Rex Features. The best eye cream to combat dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and make you look more awake.

These are the best sex apps for no strings attached sex, but would you use one? Make-up expiry dates: How to tell if your cosmetics are past it. Here's how to tell if the 5: Not too arty farty superior or too serious, written by you and enjoyed by people everywhere.

If you would like a professional photographer to cover your event or party, get in touch. Gallery recycles all its storage and packing materials, boxes and any old magazines that are returned. We love to know our readers hang on to previous copies but when they take up too much space, drop them down to the recycling bins. If you want to find out more about recycling - call: All rights reserved. Any form of reproduction of Gallery Magazine, in part or whole is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the publisher.

Any views expressed by advertisers or contributors may not be those of the publisher. Unsolicited artwork, manuscripts and copy are accepted by Gallery Magazine, but the publisher cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. All material, copy and artwork supplied is assumed to be copyright free unless otherwise advised.

Contributions for Gallery should be emailed to editorial gallery. Why are you still reading the small print? How about researching what really makes the best paper aeroplane? The seasoned, organised travellers amongst you will now be guffawing. If you leave it late, getting a seat on a plane heading of the island on that day is therefore almost impossible.

The beauty of living in the Isle of Man is that the opportunity to escape is all around us. There are cliff walks and sunsets to be cherished at numerous spots all over our perfect little rock. There are vessels and friends that can take us to special vantage points to look back at our homes and there is always the option to leave the house and enjoy the safety and security that our community provides, for that little bit of escapism.

Whichever way you choose to escape, I hope you enjoy some escapism with Gallery this month. Find a corner, huddle up and read away. Plus it had to be the red eye. Note to self; learn from experience Gallery, Agenda, Places, and Paparazzi are trading styles of Media. Registered in the Isle of Man no. The Secret Service, comprises three new models that are featured throughout the film.

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The Kingsman agents in the film each wear a beautifully crafted rose gold chronograph World Timer on an alligator strap, whilst the trainee recruits sport a black stealth-like chronograph on a NATO band. Additionally the Kingsman Stainless Steel model is worn by Merlin Mark Strong who is the trainer of these potential super spies for the top. In cult 60s TV drama The Prisoner, a man is kidnapped and held captive by forces unknown in a deeply weird, yet apparently peaceful, community by the seaside.

Sound like anywhere you know? Take a wrong turn in a foggy country lane and you could find yourself living out a scene from Deliverance. For some of us that involves visiting other parts of the world, for others it might be achieved by interacting with new people without ever leaving your living room. I appreciate that not everybody sees a man in dirty wellies and immediately thinks the worst. Nonetheless, live here long enough and the feeling of being trapped will inevitably creep into your subconscious no matter how much you refuse to acknowledge it.

The secret to successful Island living lies in subtly creating a part of your identity that involves some. It sounds obvious to say that travelling to new places is a way to escape the Island, until you consider how many people manage to travel without their mental frame of reference even leaving the Parish they live in. The sensible option is go on on holiday without your kids and partner, and really relax. Maybe think about faking your own death and moving to Scotland. Make yourselves learn a bit of the language, eat strange and occasionally unappetising food and get a bit lost or uncomfortable on occasion.

Not everybody can afford holidays, and you might be contractually obliged to spend that fortnight on the beach fantasising about burying your family in the sand. Maybe your escape strategy will need to be acted out in the one space where nobody has to know you have 2. That place is the internet. Some of them even live in attics. You can pretend to be an elf, a robot, or Jeremy Clarkson, and your spouse and children will never find out - unless you come a cropper in a horrible accident with a rodent and some high-waisted denim.

I myself have designed an extreme form of running, which takes place only on foggy nights, in the country parishes, with me wearing nothing but some skimpy lycra and a coat of baby oil. Sack off the satanic thoughts and purge the people pleasing.

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Listen to your own life rules and expectations, whether that means facing your fears or fleeing from them. Not gold-hot-pants Kylie, but classy Kylie, elegant yet edgy. This is more about confidence than threads; it embodies the spirit of trusting yourself, now that you have stopped wondering and worrying what everybody else thinks of you. Not too young, not too old, not too tight, not too loose I think you mean 36, love! Accept that you are a bit of a mardy mum and sometimes you would rather watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills than make loom band infinity bracelets with your daughters.

Let them inhale a bag of sugar occasionally and run wild and unwashed around the house. Go with the laissez faire i. It worked for our mothers. There was no helicopter parenting back then, no family walks or kettling of small children in secure gardens, no bicycle helmets, sun cream or mini boxes of raisins and we turned out alright, give or take the odd head injury or malignant melanoma.

This is the perfect time to break the old habits. Say no to those socially stagnant nights out when you end up drowning in mojitos to ease the pain. No more conversations that include any of the following words; Tesco cutlery vouchers, recycling bins, potty training, office politics from their office and only go out with people you really, really want to go out with.

From a Civil War Countess to the fastest woman round the TT, History in Heels takes a fresh and surprising approach to some of the remarkable Island women and their personal histories. History in Heels tells stories that are kaleidoscopic as the women themselves - cheeky, sad, serious, campaigning, loving, criminal, intelligent, beautiful and brave. The stories span women over the centuries, opening our eyes to their remarkable lives, experiences and achievements — often told in the very location that they happened or in the words of the women themselves.

The prison cells at Castle Rushen once harboured Victorian female pickpockets and prostitutes sentenced to hard labour. In the early s some women even awaited transportation to Australia and Tasmania for their crimes. Guaranteed to make you view ancient buildings in a new light, Signal, a newcomer to the kooky, cultural scene has been dubbed a must-see international event. Prague WHEN: In that time The Abbey has earned a very well deserved reputation for fine dining, superbly organised functions and weddings amid one of the most romantic and historic settings on the island.

It is also a tranquil haven for morning coffee and delicious afternoon teas. The Abbey also added some extra sparkle this year during the annual holiday when the restaurant gets a refresh for the year ahead. As the masked pre-Lenten cheerfulness of the Carnevale crowd rolls in, Venice is finally awoken from its winter slumber. The atmosphere is energetic and the ambience animated, as hoards of ghostly figures in dramatic costume wander through the streets of this otherworldly city.

The Abbey team is out to impress some more with the launch of its stunning Spring menu. From tempting terrines and tatin, to wholesome stuffings and inventive sauces, the team are ready to tease your taste buds with the finest flavour wrapped meats, fish and vegetables. A superb six course taster menu as well as a nine course gastronomic indulgence also feature on the new menu. So if you haven't yet ventured to The Abbey or you're a regular part of the dining family, then look forward to your next visit with gusto.

A warm welcome awaits. The festival, which takes place every three years, boasts an abundance of mustsee illuminated installations by various international light artists. The event honours the Hindu god Subramaniam, the younger son of Shiva. Malaysia WHEN: February 7 mydestination. To welcome the spring in the hope of being blessed with a good harvest and fruitful land, this exuberant, ancient festival sees the streets of India come to life with outlandish colour. Everyday appearances are cast aside, as festivalgoers smear themselves and each other with brightly coloured paint.

The event is famous in the state of Uttar Pradesh, predominantly in the town of Mathura — the birthplace of Krishna. Celestial toucan birds, neon green spacemen brandishing Brazilian flags and platoons of skimpily clad women and men dancing a breakneck samba — these are just a few of the sights you can expect to see at the infamous and extravagant Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

February 13 - For three entire days, the streets of the capital are inundated with spectators relishing in the parades of skills, that have for centuries, sustained a fundamentally nomadic population. The opening ceremony showcases music and marches performed by athletes, soldiers and monks.

Outside the competions, Mongolians play games using shagai — sheep anklebones. Mongolia WHEN: July 11 - 13 Visitmongolia. Are women blocked from getting to the top? In effect, women can see the highlevel corporate positions but are kept from reaching them often, they claim, by all-male managements responsible for making the decisions. A woman can rise as high as she wants to go. Male-on-male embracing is in fact becoming ever more fashionable and not just among young trendy dudes but as a more warm and informal greeting between middleaged men and even those who are older.

She added: Official figures show that the average full-time pay gap between men and women is at its narrowest 9. The increased use of flexible working hours and the employment of shared parental leave rights should reduce this gap even further. I think the world would be a much better place if we replaced the handshake with a hug. She recalls being asked at an interview early in her career whether she and the man then in her life were planning a family. Now aged 51, she was 22 when she landed the top marketing job with Disney UK, a role that saw her travelling the world.

Debs readily admits that having children was never on her agenda. I respect their decision but I wanted a career and that was the way I felt was right for me. I am a married woman with two young children, and have never felt that being a woman has acted to prevent me from making those choices and achieving the salary level I set out to achieve. These choices have not acted to hinder my career.

She went on: I do, however, think women need more mentoring in business, something I benefited from in my early years with Disney. The kitchen team bring a top quality level of experience to the Island in both rich and delicate tastes, refined presentation and an awe inspiring selection of international, artisan and local ingredients. Complementing the offering, The Abbey's very own dedicated pastry chef, whose finely crafted desserts, as well as delicious cakes and scones, are constantly tempting the willpower of any visitor! With an enthusiastic and dedicated team at The Abbey Restaurant the island has been able to offer a standard and variety of food that would have seemed unlikely in such a small landmass.

The large cover dining room has a daily changing menu of seasonal produce in the tradition of modern European cooking. TIP Be Be sure sure to to invest invest in in a a sturdy sturdy pair pair of of indigo indigo jeans, jeans, which which look look great great with with solid solid chelsea chelsea boots boots and and a a smart smart mac. Situated in a building that is steeped in history, this is a venue that offers the ideal location for casual, business or family dining and is only five minutes drive from the airport.

On hand to enjoy a stroll in the nearby Glen, and an extra special setting for a delicious meal out with family and friends. Today on the Isle of Man there are 30 institutes with over members. Truly remarkable for an Island our size. History in Heels invites audiences to bring their imagination to the tales of these remarkable women who made Mann.

The internees In spring Manxwomen were the first in the world to be given the parliamentary vote. Want Want to to layer layer up up without without getting getting hot hot under under the the collar?

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This pop-up visual exhibition opening in late May at the Manx Museum will celebrate the women who compete in and support Manx motorsport. From the first female TT riders, trail blazing their way onto the circuit, to the behind the scenes female support that help keeps the famous road races running. Dare Dare to to wear wear denim denim on on denim? Stiff Stiff denim denim trousers trousers and and tailored tailored denim denim jackets jackets are are the the way way to to go. Whatever Whatever your your style, style, a a quality quality pair pair of of denim denim jeans jeans are are a a solid solid foundation foundation to to build build upon upon this this season.

Denim Denim is is the the fashion fashion trend trend that that continues continues to to evolve evolve in in the the multitude multitude of of ways ways that that we we wear wear it. From From overalls overalls and and dresses, dresses, to to layering layering and and distressing, distressing, this this season season brings brings together together all all these these trends trends and and more. The women brave for the fight… Castle Rushen, the former home of the Kings and Lords of Mann, with a woman left in charge. History in Heels tells stories that are kaleidoscopic as the women themselves cheeky, sad, serious, campaigning, loving, criminal, intelligent, beautiful and brave.

Layer Layer a a buttoned buttoned up up dark dark denim denim jacket jacket under under a a coat coat or or mac, mac, keeping keeping you you warm warm in in these these chillier chillier months. The fish gutting girls in oilskin aprons and wellies who arrived at market with the herring or women crofters in breeches, carrying their heavy baskets of cut turf to market. If after all this sound advice you cannot maintain your inner FOOL, or crucially, if you still hear the voices then it might be time to try a different approach at the em, Doctors surgery.

Top Top with with a a fringed fringed suede suede bag bag for for a a super super laid laid back back look. In politics and business male hugging it is certainly increasingly commonplace. So-called manly, old fashioned British emotional restraint is becoming less and less evident.

This is the 21st century when more and more men want to demonstrate they are in touch with their feelings and not embarrassed about it. Do I shake or do I hug? This is the conundrum men of all ages are increasingly facing.. Making the right choice matters. If one guy goes for the hug, but the other decides upon the handshake, they might just collide. Something of a dance will follow as the duo work feverishly to determine what to do with their hands, their arms, their bodies.

Men accustomed to the automatic hand clasp at dinners and reunions must now opt for split second calculations based on body language, length of friendship and other factors. The pat is the crucial part of a man hug, separating it from a traditional cuddle. With your left hand pat the other guy three or four times on the back. This demonstrates you are still men. If you feel this is too effeminate for you then give a light double punch instead of a pat. Hug in the position where the only body contact is in the shoulders.

Looking down or turning towards another male may be interpreted as affectionate nuzzling. Hugs, according to those who are experts in hugging etiquette, rarely last more than two seconds before one of the huggers or other men observing the hug begin to feel uncomfortable. While giving the final pat, break. Be warned, this may confuse him and you. This makes the reason for the hug abundantly clear. Hunting has suddenly become more popular than ever on the Island, with the introduction last year of a new pack of bloodhounds.

This, and a Facebook page. Her job is to keep all the riders in order, travelling at the correct. Their quarry today is runner Brandon Ellis: When the drinking and the social niceties are over, they all set off. If they should stray off the line, Juan and whipper-in, Libby Cooke will set them straight again. The land they are hunting over today belongs to farmer, Paul Costain, who is delighted to give people the chance to enjoy country pursuits. The route they follow will take them over some of the most spectacular countryside on the island. From Gansey to Ballakillowey and up the fields that run alongside the Sloc, then a dizzying drop down towards Fleshwick before heading uphill again, over the top of Bradda where the day finishes.

At Your Service Next to the Strand Centre. India is surging with global ambition. But beyond the luxury hotels surrounding Mumbai airport lies a makeshift slum, full of people with plans of their own. A tumultuous adaptation by David Hare from the award winning book by Katherine Boo. Concessions available. Spectator entry is free, and you can even enter on the day!

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One off opportunity to see the internationally acclaimed Argentinian Tango professionals Trinidad and Claudio are visiting the Island as part of their European Tour. This time-honoured dance straight from the bars and dance houses of Buenos Aires. Bring dancing shoes and have a go yourself! There are seats allocated to ensure optimum view of the captioning unit. Free Calls! No monthly rental, and international calls from only 6p per minute.

Mrs Honeyman said: Aaron Murphy, who works at Old Mutual International, and his mum Annette organised the bingo night and raffle before Christmas. A key element of this achievement is the first part of a generous three year annual donation from the Island-based Scheinberg family. Paws For Therapy, which was formed in , arranges for registered and assessed animals to carry out therapeutic visits to hospices, nursing, residential and care homes, day care centres, special needs units and schools, mainstream schools and other establishments working with children.

They also assist in the psychological enhancement and improvement of people who have experienced some sort of trauma or who are suffering from anxiety and worry. With a 5 Day Short Break Offer from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, for a car plus two people, all you need to do is drive on and off a ferry — and you can get to pretty much anywhere within the British Isles via one of four ports; Heysham, Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin.

If you want something a little more strenuous, why not pack your walking boots or bicycles in your car. Gleneagles in Perthshire, Scotland, offers walks, golf, horse riding and archery alongside its award-winning spa services. Of course, there is the option of sailing into Dublin and coming home via Belfast or vice versa.

If you want to mix a little culture into your escape, why not try one of the countless festivals around the British Isles. The Edinburgh Festival, one of the largest celebrations of the arts and culture in the.

Your Digital Hub. Your Isle of Man.

Visit www. A gang of Serbian jewel thieves that is thought to consist of over members. The group is responsible for some of the most glamorous robberies of all time. The group hid the diamond in a jar of face cream, this earned them their nickname as the same act was committed in the film: Since then the Pink Panthers have successfully robbed over twenty different stores in twenty different countries.

The gang is known for their daring escapes and dramatic break-ins. In St Tropez, they robbed a store dressed in flowery shirts and escaped on a speed boat. However, these high profile heists meant that several gang members have been arrested including alleged leader, Dragan Mikic. In he then escaped from prison using a rope ladder while Pink Panthers fired machine guns at the prison wall. He has been on the run ever since.

The gangs total haul is now believed to be in the billions of dollars and they have not officially been caught. Spaggiari had been arrested once before and served in the french military but at the time of the robbery he was living a regular life as a photographer. It seemed Spaggiari was growing tired of a normal crime free life. His plan was to dig through the sewage system and access the vault in the basement of the Societe Generale. A group of professional gangsters from Marseille were hired to help Spaggiari attempt the robbery.

He would not let them drink coffee or alcohol and made them get 10 hours asleep a night to make sure they did not put the robbery in danger. The gang dug the tunnel for two months and broke into the bank during Bastille Day festival as the bank was closed. The police were baffled at first however they got a tip off from one members former girlfriend. The man then ratted out the rest of the group, including Spaggiari. During his trial, Spaggiari gave the judge a piece of encrypted evidence then jumped out of the window and escaped on a motorcycle that was left for him.

Spaggiari was never caught and the money was never found. In , an unknown man held up John Goddard with a knife, a 58 year old messenger working for Shepherds, the broker. All the bonds were eventually recovered except for 2 which the mugger managed to keep. Smalls committed his first robbery at the age of 15 and was imprisoned as a result from this point forward he was committed to a life of crime. Before Smalls had a few high-profile robberies to his name and was well respected in the London underworld. The gang escaped to different places out of England, Smalls himself boarded a train to Paris.

However Smalls returned to England and gave himself up in Northampton, where he spent the Christmas period in jail. On June 2nd, Smalls asked for immunity if he gave up all those associated in the crime. The chief inspector agreed to his deal and Smalls testified against every one of his co-conspirators.

Their sentence totalled up to over years in prison and Bertie Smalls remained immune for the rest of his life. Once inside the robbers impersonated police men, responding to a call, and handcuffed the guards. They then raided the second floor of the museum. The museum still has empty frames hanging in place as a homage to the stolen pieces and to show their hope that they may one daybe returned to their rightful home.

The robbers have never demanded a ransom and will never serve any time as the statute of limitations has run out. Human Questions: Ballamillaghyn Bears Age: Eating, drinking and sunny climes Dislikes: Rudeness and dishonesty. If an animal what would you be: A Jaguar. Why did you choose a rescue pet? Where do you live on the Island? On the outskirts of Douglas. Where are you originally from? The beautiful Isle of Man. What do you do for a living? Work to keep our pets enjoying their sweet life! Do you have any more pets? Yes, an older cat who is the boss.

Would you have any more pets? Yes but not at present The worst thing about having a pet is? The vets bills! Give an animal a home Why are black cats so difficult to rehome? Sanchez is a super cat, around five years old, who could be little stroppy when he first came in but has settled really well and loves being in the Social room with his girlfriend, Aniseed, who is also looking for a new life. He loves his food - any food — and will soon settle down in his new life forgetting his past as a stray which is probably why he was a little unsure of how to behave to start with.

Pet Questions: Bentley and Elsa Breed: Long haired and short-haired intelligent, domesticated felines.

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Being loved, lots of playtime, eating and generally ruling the roost. Meals not being served on time and visits to the vet. If human what would you be? Elsa — Lady of the Manor. Why do you love your human: Because they believed in us, had patience and saw our potential to become the loveable, funny felines that we now are. If you had one wish what would you wish for: That other humans would be kind and stop animal cruelty and to live in our country playground for the rest of our lives with our loving Ballamillagyn Bears. Aniseed is a sweet little girl, just two years old, who is still a little nervous in the busy Cattery but has settled down wonderfully in our social room where she can be with other cats, especially handsome Sanchez who has given her confidence.

Could you help Aniseed find a new life — she certainly hopes so. Mother is not synonymous with martyr. If after all this sound advice you cannot maintain your inner FOOL, or crucially, if you still hear the voices then it might be time to try a fferent ro ch t the e octors s r er. Walkers and visitors to the beaches can take a bag from the dispenser and collect rubbish as they walk, leaving the areas immaculate.

Cheaper services are available, but the transfer of the printing of the Isle of Man variant British Passports to the UK means there may be some delays. See www. IOM Sports awards nominees in 11 Categories. The winners are to be announced on 26 March at a gala evening at the Villa Marina where the Guest-of-Honour will be European 10, metre champion and Commonwealth Games medallist, Jo Pavey. The Isle of Man will see a partial eclipse of the sun starting at 8. The moon will continue to move across the solar disc until The number of mounted police there are in the Isle of Man.

This is unlikely to change in the near future. Set sail for your great escape! When you set sail with your car, you can escape to almost anywhere within the British Isles. For our ferry best fares, book now at. Subject to availability. Valid Journeys must be completed within 5 days - day of outward sailing counts as day 1.

Return sailing must commence on or before day 5. A combination of ports should be considered. Here are a few facts you may not have know about Harry Houdini:. After a typhoon ruined the squirrel enclosure at the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, the staff there were left devastated yes, that was sarcasm after 30 of its fi nest squirrels escaped. A rescue mission was put into place and 38 squirrels were captured and taken back to the Zoo. His first performance was when he was aged 9. The act consisted of Houdini picking up pins with his eyelashes whilst hanging upside down. His fascination with aviation propelled him we laughed too to learn to fly his own plane.

From this he became the third person to fly over Australia in He was fascinated with death and even went on to purchase the first electric chair. He even performed to inmates on death row. Houdini requested that an enormous bathtub was fitted at his house so that he could practice holding his breath underwater. Is France really the most visited country in the world? Simple answer is yes.. Ever had a run in with the law? The operator called on a nearby plainclothes officer to track down the man and see what he was up to. Eventually the Police Officer figured out the he was in fact the suspicious man that the CCTV operator had reported and had been chasing himself the whole time!

However, Irishman Patsy Kerr took this to a whole new level. He found himself the perfect digging utensil, a spoon, and set about digging a tunnel from under his bed to the pub feet across the road. After years of not being caught by his sleeping wife, Patsy was finally caught when he burst a sewage pipe and caused his tunnel to flood with the streets waste. Not such a sweet escape then.

As with all our Train events the evening was a sell out. They have just reached the next phase of their Fundraising which is offering rooms within the Unit for Sponsorship by Company's or individuals. Did you know the reason Shrove Tuesday changes every year is because it is always 47 days before Easter Sunday. It is traditionally a day Christians would confess all their sins before the commencement of Lent, the day after, on Ash Wednesday. All of the teams are still raising money for their chosen charities. The winners were: There are the bad girls… The prison cells at Castle Rushen once harboured Victorian female pickpockets and prostitutes sentenced to hard labour.

There are the women who graft… The fish gutting girls in oilskin aprons and wellies who arrived at market with the herring or women crofters in breeches, carrying their heavy baskets of cut turf to market. Check opening times and events at www. Standard admission charges apply. Congratulations Ryan.

Open to anyone aged 18 or under. Email your photographs by the 15th of each month to calendarcomp gallery. For full details go to: John on There is also a facebook group www. Open Monday to Saturday, 9: Free entry - doors open 7pm. Saul Rose Waterson: Rooted deeply in the English tradition, this promised to be a virtuosic display of musicianship and testosterone.

All welcome, no experience necessary. It took less than a years membership with the established community; The Guild of Photographers, for Sarah Jewell to be recognised as the first ever Gold Award winner for imagery in the equine category. Despite her humble approach, judges were not phased and were quick to celebrate her achievements at the annual awards ceremony held in Cheshire this last month.

I really wanted the winners title! He was a major force in establishing the Manx Wildlife Act in There it was for all to see on the giant screen in all its glory! It operates two Visitor Centres and a wildlife gift shop and organises a regular programme of lectures and excursions. The Trust has undertaken important research into the marine environment, in particular the ecology of cetaceans and basking sharks. The work of the Trust is only made possible by the dedication and hard work of extensive teams of volunteers. The Reih Bleeaney Vanannan is an annual award made by Culture Vannin to the person or group who, in the opinion of the panel of assessors, has made the most outstanding contribution to Manx culture.

Inspired by Manxman Stephen Quayle, the trophy was designed by the late Eric Austwick and consists of the figure of the sea-god Manannan standing on a piece of Pooilvaaish marble. For more about the work of Culture Vannin, see: Although their experiences of war have been very different — Gary served in the British Army during the s and Arabella was an official war artist during the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan — their work is not specific to the conflicts they have witnessed nor the theatres of war they have experienced.

Talking to both artists, the same words and phrases come up time after time the world is a violent place, war is hell but they have also seen resilience, loyalty and — perhaps surprisingly given what they have witnessed ho e for the f t re. Throughout this time he exhibited paintings and sculptures resulting from his experiences in the army showing a clear understanding of how it feels to be a soldier serving in a harsh working environment.

In his earlier work Gary began to relate to the horrors experienced by young conscripts during the nuclear testing in. Unlike traditional portrayals of war - with representations of victory, glory and fighting - her paintings are a powerful exploration of life on the frontline and the immediate effects of the strains and stresses when death and violence are an everyday occurrence.

But, like Gary, Arabella paints the experience of the individual — and the scars of war which will always be with them. But look carefully at the soldier staring out of the picture. He is resting but permanently on guard and we know that wariness will be with him for life. It is only when you look away from his eyes that you see the words taken from his pre-deployment letter to his parents. It all becomes much more poignant when you learn that he was killed on the last day of his tour in Afghanistan.

But what about the humanity, the hope? But there is a strength to this tarred and feathered figure — the torturers will be judged, if not in this world, then the next. Try to follow a time of the year theme, make the files nice and big though, about. When my parents first told me we would be moving to the Isle of Man, my first instinct was to tell my closest friends and cry. After all, I had been an Essex girl my whole life, how could my parents expect me to divorce my beloved hometown and comfortably jump straight into a new one?

But the time had arrived, so I decided it was best not to sulk about it. Mine was assumed gone. I soon discovered though that my previous reservations were nothing but unnecessary qualms. I discovered Tynwald Mills had some great concession stores and the strand had 3 out of my top 4 shopping destinations, so my shopping concerns had been blown out of the Irish Sea. I also discovered some great restaurants, I soon loved the fact that there were no mainstream restaurants on the island.

I noticed the quality of the food seemed to be better because a lot of restaurants sourced their food locally so it was fresher. Two of my concerns were covered but my third lack of friends was still as present as ever. A couple of stressful months later, after moving into our house in Laxey, unpacking and familiarising myself with my new surroundings, my sister turned After having a few random chats with youngish bank managers and anyone who may know anything about good nights out in Douglas, we decided to take ourselves to The Courthouse.

A few cocktails later we were merry and mingling! One of my favourite things about the island is how friendly everyone is. Making new friends is easy, as long as you put yourself out there. Another special thing about the Isle of Man is itself. I remember a few years ago I was visiting the island with my family during the summer, we were having our lunch on the roof terrace of a restaurant in Port Erin, I felt like I was in Greece or Spain.

It was one of those special moments when you fall in love. You fall in love with the Isle of Man, it happens to everyone at some point. Like I said before, it was hard leaving my whole life behind but I knew it would be worth it. Like all old relationships, you get over it and find something better. I realised the love affair was over. The competition between Essex and the Isle of Man had ended suddenly and we did not have a tie! The Isle of Man won hands down. Yes there are complications which come with living on an island, but the pros completely outweigh the cons!

When I first came over people were telling me that for the first six months I would hate it and want to come back, as it takes a lot of getting used to. Just three months in and I already love it. It takes everyone time to get used to a new place but some places takes less time than others. Have you got something to say? A short story, a rant, a profile, a statement? We will dedicate a whole page to you, Mr.

Amateur Writer. We want you to shoot from the hip with a word article that you think our readers should take note of. Just Email your piece to: Top with a fringed suede bag for a super laid back look. From overalls and dresses, to layering and distressing, this season brings together all these trends and more. TIP Want to layer up without getting hot under the collar? Layer a buttoned up dark denim jacket under a coat or mac, keeping you warm in these chillier months. MEN Dare to wear denim on denim? Sti Stiff denim trousers and tailored denim jackets are the way to go. Whatever your style, a quality pair of denim jeans are a solid foundation to build upon this season.

Be sure to invest in a sturdy pair of indigo jeans, which look great with solid chelsea boots and a smart mac. Of course, there is always an abundance of beautifully crafted garments that gain their designers applause and acclaim, but it is unquestionably the avant-garde that are best remembered. Savage Beauty exhibition 14th March — 2nd August Kristin Knox, author of Alexander McQueen: Humanity would go back to the place from whence it came.

Alexander McQueen: Tickets available at vam. Good, better, best… The brilliant thing about the beauty business is that it never stands still. The women and men in white coats are constantly tinkering with formulations, improving ingredients and products continually evolve. Gallery investigates… Words Nichole Sweetsur. The first eyelash primers to launch were white and whilst they certainly thickened lashes there was plenty of room for improvement. Paint on like a regular polish, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.

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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Looking for plumper, smoother, more refined skin? This sophisticated British brand takes a trip down memory lane with their new limited edition Rock the Ages collection — five colognes inspired by five defining eras in British history — revived and bottled for your personal use. Situated in a building that is steeped in history, this is a en e th t offers the e location for casual, business or f n n n s on e minutes drive from the airport. The recipes are loaded with power foods with a focus on vegetables, grains and protein.

Serves 4 g kale, trimmed g red quinoa 1,ml chicken or vegetable stock 65g flat-leaf parsley leaves g halloumi, thinly sliced.

Iceland Direct from IOM - 3 Nights

Rinse the quinoa and then place it and the stock in a saucepan over a medium-high heat and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover and cook for minutes or until the stock has been absorbed and the quinoa is tender. Remove from the heat and stand for five minutes. Stir with a fork to separate the grains. If you have any cooked quinoa left over, try using it to bulk out other salads during the week. You can store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days. Cut the kale into large pieces and place in a heatproof bowl.

Pour over boiling water and allow to stand for five minutes. Drain and pat dry on absorbent paper. Toss the kale with the quinoa and parsley. To make the smoky lemon dressing, combine the lemon juice, paprika and oil. Pour over the salad and toss to combine. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat. Brush the halloumi with a little oil and cook for one to two minutes each side or until golden. Divide the salad between serving plates and top with the halloumi to serve. Serves 8 g shelled pistachios g softened butter g unrefined golden caster sugar g self-raising flour 50g ground almonds.

In a food processor, grind g of the pistachios keep the rest for the top to crumbs. Add the butter, sugar, flour and almonds and whizz to combine. Then pop in the eggs and whizz again. Finally, add the juice of one lemon and whizz to bring it all together. Scrape half the mixture into the base of your tin and smooth it out.

Then roughly spread the lemon curd over the top but not quite to the edge. With the remainder of the mixture, drop dollops over the lemon curd layer to cover and gently smooth with the back of a spoon. Roughly chop the rest of the pistachios by hand and scatter over the top. Bake for minutes until golden brown. Cool completely in the tin.

For the icing, just mix together the icing sugar and one-and-a-half tablespoons of lemon juice, stirring into a paste. Criss-cross the top of your cake and leave for a couple of minutes to set. This keeps really well covered for two to three days. Serves 4 6 medium aubergines 4tbsp olive oil 4 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 2tsp smoked paprika 1tsp ground cumin g tin chopped tomatoes 1tsp harissa paste 4 x g skinless, boneless white fish fillets cod or.

Cut four of the aubergines in half lengthways. Put them on an oven tray and rub the cut sides with two tablespoons of olive oil and some seasoning. Cut the other two aubergines into big, bite-sized pieces, toss in a tablespoon of olive oil and spread out on a separate oven tray. Pop both trays in the oven for minutes, until the flesh of the aubergine halves are soft and the smaller pieces are crisping up. Set aside to cool slightly.

In a tablespoon of olive oil in a large, non-stick frying pan, cook the garlic, paprika and cumin for a minute, then add the tinned tomatoes and harissa paste. Stir over the heat for another minute. Now scrape the flesh out of the halved aubergines into the tomato sauce, season and stir to completely combine. Keep the aubergine pieces to one side. Put the fish fillets in a large, ovenproof dish and cover with the sauce. Pop back in the oven for 30 minutes, until the sauce is bubbling and the fish cooked through. For the couscous, in a large bowl, pour ml boiling water over the couscous.

Cover and leave for five minutes. Fluff with a fork, season and dress with the lemon juice and olive oil. Serve the fish on top of the couscous, then scatter over the chopped mint and the aubergine pieces. Make the sauce well in advance, then just assemble and pop it in the oven. If you want to impress, add a handful of pomegranate seeds. Serves 4 60ml orange juice 1tbsp honey 1tsp fennel seeds, toasted 1tbsp vegetable oil 1tbsp lemon juice. Place the orange juice, honey, fennel, oil, lemon juice and garlic in a bowl.

Place the chicken in a separate bowl, pour over half the orange juice mixture and allow to marinate in the fridge for 20 minutes. Thread the chicken onto 12 skewers. Place the chicken on a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper and cook under a hot, preheated grill and for two minutes each side, basting with the marinade, or until the chicken is cooked through.

Toss the carrot with the remaining orange mixture, divide between serving plates and top with the chicken to serve. Escape to Patagonia! Mendoza is the well known region for prod cin f ll a o red rich reds from Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat grapes. The vineyards are located in the north of Patagonia, notably the Rio Negro Valley, where the terrain is flat and wind swept. Standing at an altitude of 1, feet, it has a markedly dry, continental climate, with an annual rainfall of less than 7. Winds blowing constantly from the southern Andes dry the air and allow for vines to grow healthily with little disease, thus reducing the need to spray.

In the past, the Rio Negro Valley was best known for growing grain, apples and pears, crops that could withstand strong breezes and a cool climate. Patagonia does have over years of winemaking history, but it is only in the last. The cooler climate means that red wines from Patagonia tend to be crisper in feel and focused on red-fruit aromas and flavours.

They are less bold and opulent than those from the much warmer and well known region of Mendoza.