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BatikGeek | Bamboo Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Yes, that entry-level GB configuration does double the iPhone X's 64GB of storage for the same price, and is therefore a better value. So it depends on how you look at it, and where you live. Of course, this is just launch prices we're talking. That's still a lot, but a bit more manageable. In Australia you can also pick up the Note 9 from the country's biggest telcos, with Vodafone, Telstra and Optus each offering a number of data-heavy plans.

Note 9 colors in the US are Ocean Blue with a yellow S Pen it also writes in yellow for the ultimate color contrast and Lavender Purple with a purple pen which writes in purple digital ink. Other regions may get a Copper color, we were told by Samsung — colors are region-dependent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pops up on Indonesian e-store with specs and price in tow

The new S Pen is this year's big gimmick for the Note, and it's capable of performing Bluetooth-connected magic tricks from up to 30 feet away. Samsung's engineers managed to squeeze a small supercapacitor and tiny Bluetooth Low-Energy antenna into the otherwise unchanged stylus so that it can perform various remote functions. What can you do exactly? The best feature is being able to remotely launch the camera app with a long press of the S Pen button, flip the camera to selfie mode with a single short press, and snap a group photo with two presses.

Samsung put a software development kit SDK out there for non-core third-party apps to take advantage of this shortcut tool, so you'll see more customization as long as app developers support the functionality. The S Pen does need to be charged, but it requires only 40 seconds of charge time for 30 minutes of standby battery life or button clicks, according to our testing. There's also a helpful S Pen battery indicator in the notification shade at the top of the display, so you won't be kept guessing as to how much power you have left.

The Apple Pencil has nowhere to hide, and walking around with it in the Lighting port is rather dangerous.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Review

It writes in yellow digital ink, while the Lavender Purple phone has a purple pen and purple digital ink. All colors support the same Air Command functionality. You can draw, jot down notes, annotate screenshots, translate foreign text, and send Live Messages last year's S Pen gimmick , and you can do these actions whether or not the S Pen is charged. It's fun to be able to get both hands in a shot and strike a full-body pose. But we found it hard to rest the phone and snap a selfie when in front of iconic New York City landmarks.

Then we thought back to Samsung's examples. They used a tripod for a group shot, and mimed laying on the couch with a dramatic two-handed pose, without actually taking a photo — something that would be difficult without a tripod, too. It's a great idea in theory and works sometimes, but often we've found a lack of places to rest the phone and plenty of unflattering angles when trying our best. Slide through to see our photo gallery.

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The photo as a normal selfie should look more like this, at a better angle and with proper lighting. However, getting a full body shot at this level with the S Pen remote would require a tripod. No matter what we did, it looked awkward and the photo looked blown out compared to the normal selfie. Just imagine Matt in front of this awesome shot taken with the rear-facing camera. That's what we were going for with the S Pen remote functionality. Things don't always work out as planned. The first step is to visit Unlock Authority website.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date and price

Unlocking code will be sent to your email. Once you get it, enter the code and enjoy. Related — i How to install 4. Nk tnye ni saya dh msok modem tu. How are you? You know why the link sends me to a page to a list of firmwares instead of list of modems? This will restore my original IMEI? Thank you! I have been having issue ever since I unlocked my phone in Asia.

I have follow the instructions but still nothing happen. I mean i have entered the code but its not automatically n even press send nothing happen.

Share Tweet. How To. How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Waiting for network. How To Fix Samsung Galaxy error while searching for network. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Ikbal March 20, Hello friend. I in Bangladesh, so what modem I must you and what region? Bera January 14, Yes it should work.