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Blast, jump and smart-ass through more than 25 enemies, including Pig Cops, Gator Grunts, and Roachoids. What Are You Waitin' For?: A potent blend of old school gameplay and smooth 3D visuals, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project brings together the best of both Dukes for the ultimate Duke Nukem experience. Let's rock! It is really glitchy. I finished level 1 and purchased the game. I found the secret area in level 2.

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And it also looks like it no longer saves progress. Playing on my iPad, beta testing the new software. I was in the process of trying to finish a level of the Subway and lost all ability to fire a weapon. If an update every happens, it would be nice to save your progress to keep as a backup. Would love to know how to work around the loss of being able to change weapons. Reached out to the developer and no one responded.

I hope I made the right choice! It worked on my iPhone 5,6,7,8, X and XR. Hopefully developer will support all iOS.

This is a must have classic. Fun, fun, fun! Get it - it worth it! App Store Preview.

Duke Nukem 3D

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

☢ Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour \ Gameplay with Gamepad - Level 1 - 100 % Secrets

Description toucharcade. Sep 16, Version 1. Information Seller Spawn Studios, Lda.

Total Mutant Mayhem

Anyway, when the controls get fixed I'll be back with that 5th star but until then I may need the room. After all that, I will still be deleting it for the space, sorry. I still have yet to finish the PC version anyway. Outright this is game is a favorite among many and to see a port to this is awesome. Although straight of the bat when you start playing the controls They response and all but are just too clunky.

I just want to make clear there's nothing wrong with the game itself. Movement is alright but having to press on a small button to fire is a hassle since you might press on the empty space to the side. Because you need to aim you also need to move your finger across the screen to lock on which is a huge hassle.

Crouching should stay crouched until you press it again as there are certain items or secrets that you need to crouch and press action to obtain. Overall it's a great idea having this game on here, genius, but until they managed to make a good control scheme it can be really frustrating to play. If you fix the controls I will personally allow you to charge me money for this game. I own this game on my And would like to own it on my ipod. I will delete the free version with crappy, clunky, generic, slow, unresponsive controls.

Duke Nukem 3D On, then Pulled from iTunes

And I will buy whatever updated version with good controls you make for any amount of money you fancy. Because right now it is utterly impossible to play and enjoy this game the way it is. So ill say it again. Take your free version of DN3D, and throw it away.

Then make another version with updated controls. Put the music back in the game, and Dukes hilarious one liners that you decided weren't important to incorporate. Do this, and you'll make money from me. Do these things and you can charge me whatever amount of money you want and I will buy. Sincerely ME. Requires iOS 4. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. AppAddict is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

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All data is publicly available via iTunes API. Not jailbroken? Premium Tools Site News Donate. View more by this developer. What's new in Version 1. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

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  6. Customer Reviews Great game, messed up controls. Amazing game but controls are terrible.