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The galaxy note still deserves a good 9 rating even if reviewed and the review of Galaxy Note is relatively old.. I cannot believe the Galaxy Note got 7 when it was the most powerful device of all time.. And what reason you guys gave for it. It still competes with the Galaxy S III and can run anything and any app except the apps that require ICS but this problem wouldn't be here for much longer.. Feels like the king was not treated good..!! Hate Ray S.

WTF Phone arena? Note is only good for watching vids for big screen, otherwise get a S3? You guys reviews are starting to become more narrowminded to point where they don't mean squat anymore. Yeah, this review just seems to follow the template of all the other reviews, focusing on design, screen, interface, Internet, camera, etc. Those aspects fall into the typical consumer use of a phone, but the Note is a new breed that moves a bit more towards productivity. This review mentions nothing about content creation and editing.

There's a significant demographic that would choose the Note for drawing, editing pictures, taking class notes, or planning projects, even if the SIII is superior in other ways.

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Uh oh, the author called the S-Pen a "stylus" in big bold letters. A pen with internal electronics typically isn't called a stylus. The majority of the consumers got screwed again.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs LG Optimus G - Phone specs comparison

Apple also benefits from prevent positive competition with Samsung. The victims are us, people, and the consumers from US. But we do know that we, the consumers from US are the true victims. All the first four Major carriers in UK are already selling galaxy note.

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  • All carriers get exclusivity for various models If you dislike a carrier, say it, but don't use unjustified statements to defend or support your perspective. The mobile landscape in the U. The carriers work with the manufacturers creating a phone, and with those discussions some of the criteria might be exclusivity, and the carrier will share development or advertising costs to make sure the manufacturer gets sales, which benefits both parties.

    Research I think Engadget's the article about how the Motorola Atrix was developed. Probably in a few more months, the galaxy note might almost have the same interface touchwiz ux rather than touchwiz 4 as the galaxy s 3. Just like what they did with the galaxy s i value pack update, it has touchwiz 3 before but when updated to its very last version, it already had touchwiz 4.

    Oh, and I cant stand aspect ratio Both phones are good, but it depends on what you're gonna use it for!! Im a big guy 6'7" lbs and the Note is perfect for me. You May Also Like Compared With. Related Searches. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: The most charismatic flagship we have tried this year! Sign up for our Newsletter: You are now subscribed to our newsletter. Mobiles 0. Login to Smartprix Connect with a social network. Login with Facebook Login with Google. Sign in with your email address or username. Sign Up: The HTC One is absolutely gorgeous, sporting a zero-gap aluminum design that rivals the iPhone 5 in terms of fit and finish.

    The curved back makes the device easy to hold, even if this 4. Add in polished, chamfered edges, spun metal volume controls and etched antennas on the back and you have the most beautiful Android phone yet. With its polycarbonate plastic design, the Samsung Galaxy S4 feels solid in the hand, but doesn't have the same premium look or feel as the One. However, Samsung's device is thinner and lighter than HTC's phone, even though it has a larger display 5 inches versus 4. We also like that the power button is easier to reach on the S4; it's on the right side, compared to the top left on the One.

    The S4 measures 5. The Galaxy S4 also has a removable back, which allows you to change batteries, add a microSD card or replace the battery with a wireless charging case. HTC One. The One feels more like a flagship phone. Now that full HD p screens are practically standard on high-end phones, device makers need to make their wares stand out in other ways. Still, the pixels per inch can make a difference in terms of how sharp that display looks. Here, HTC has the edge, because it crams x pixels into a 4.

    When we hit both phones with our light meter, the One registered lux and the S4 mustered lux, comparable to the smartphone category average of lux. This brightness gap was most evident when viewing the two handsets side by side in direct sunlight; although the One suffers from some glare, the S4's dimmer display was tougher to read. What the S4's screen has going for it is deeper black levels and more saturated colors, which some users prefer when viewing photos and videos. When watching the high-def trailer for "The Avengers," greens and fiery orange explosions really popped on the Samsung.

    However, in darker scenes, we could make out finer details much more easily on the brighter One, such as the stitching and folds in Black Widow's uniform.

    Physical build and design

    While we love the eye-popping color on the S4, the One's screen is significantly brighter, making the panel easier to read outdoors. If you're going to market your phone with a name like BoomSound, you had better back it up. In our testing, the handset provided amazingly loud and clear sound at just a little over half-volume.

    Samsung Galaxy S vs. First Ever Android Phone Boot Up Speed Test - Who's Faster!?

    Seriously, an external speaker is almost redundant when listening to your favorite tunes on Spotify or Pandora. Plus, because the speakers flank the display, you're unlikely to cover them up with your thumbs when gaming. The Galaxy S4 has just a single speaker on its back, which provided loud but tinny audio in our tests. The sound can also get muffled when you place the phone on a desk or hold it in your hand. The audio quality wasn't nearly as rich or loud when we played the same "Paradise" track on both phones. The One's dual speakers are just better.

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    • On the surface, the TouchWiz interface on the Galaxy S4 doesn't look much different than the S3's, but how you interact with this device has changed dramatically. Using Air Gestures, you can change music tracks, flip through photos and answer the phone just by waving your hand in front of the S4's camera. Just keep in mind that your hand needs to be very close to the device. Meanwhile, Air View allows you to preview info by hovering your finger above the display no pen required. We found this feature especially useful for previewing emails, but sometimes the device gave us a hover action when we were trying to press to select.

      The S4 can also track your eyes to pause videos Smart Pause when you look away from the screen, and you can scroll content Smart Scroll by either tilting the phone in your hand as you view a Web page or tilting your head. It's pretty amazing to scroll a Web page just by moving your head up or down, but the S4 was oversensitive at times. While not as exciting, Multi View is super-useful, allowing you to run a number of apps side by side on the same screen. Just drag one app over from the left and you can start going through your inbox while you surf the Web.

      A history of Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets, from the S1 to the S4

      Or you can check Twitter while you watch a YouTube video. The S4 has a big advantage over the One when it comes to the notification window. By pressing a grid button in the top right corner, you can access a total of 19 shortcuts. Yes, it's a little dizzying at first, but we love having all of these options at our fingertips. The notification menu on the HTC One is too bare-bones by comparison, offering just a toggle for the Power-saver Mode and a settings button shortcut.

      The new Sense interface on the HTC One offers a new BlinkFeed feature that streams headlines and social updates right to your home screen. There's no question that there's some Windows Phone influence here, combined with a sprinkle of Flipboard.

      Latest stories

      If you find BlinkFeed too busy, you can always opt for a traditional-looking home screen, and access BlinkFeed with a swipe.