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Apple's new iPad Pros are so powerful, we wonder whether they could replace your MacBook. And whether Apple is planning to replace the MacBooks with iPads in totality in the long term. Leaked renders have revealed that the next iPhone might have an unusual and potentially controversial triple camera arrangement. So, are these leaks to be believed? And, if so, are we looking at the next iPhone?

Read on for more detail on the potential iPhone Apple is paying the price for taking so long to launch the HomePod and its first smart speaker is being brushed aside into obscurity by Amazon and Google's better alternatives. Andrew Dufresne currently works for IT company and loves everything related to technology, hardware and software. Take silent snaps and discover who is holding your iPhone device. Display a message on the screen to contact the current user.

Whenever your device goes missing, you will receive detailed reports with all the evidence the police needs to recover your iOS device.

Over 6 million users chose Prey mobile security to protect their personal devices, business assets, and all of their information. Everything fits inside your devices nowadays, your business, your hobbies, your career. Scary, right? Activate them with the recently integrated Apple MDM certificate process. Your personal information and data are only retrieved or used when requested.

Top 5 Anti-theft Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) - Nigeria Technology Guide

After long, hard work, and many improvements, we grew to become a global solution that focuses on two missions: Contact us through our Social Accounts: Terms and Conditions: Update hardware information. This thing is a train wreck. The people who wrote positive reviews are either related to the developer or high. I installed it and discovered very poor usability. Thereby making it more convenient for the Police to recover your iPhone and also arrest the burglar. Step 1.

Top 12 Best and Free Security Apps for Your iOS Devices

Step 2. Create a new account from within the software; enable custom installation, and you will have your account set up. You will get a confirmation email that a new device has been registered under your account and is protected by Prey.

Top 5 Anti-theft Apps for iOS

Click on the link to go ahead with the further process to set up your device. Step 3. Login to your account on the web interface of Prey. Next, download the app on your iOS device. Step 4.

Anti Theft & phone security

Open Prey app on your iPhone. Step 5. Once done, head back to the web interface and use the settings to configure your device. Step 6. When your device goes missing or is misplaced, just toggle the switch to MISSING and setup the alerts, alarms and other settings you find beneath it. Step 7.

1. Where’s My Droid

It comes with notifications and reports as well as tracking and security features. If you want to have wider coverage, go for the premium plan. The former allows you to track three devices, has three control zones and comes with additional data protection feature. The latter lets you track up to ten devices and comes with unlimited control zones. There is also a powerful business plan that enables you to track unlimited devices and feature unlimited control zones.

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You can also upgrade the Prey app for iOS through in-app purchases. Download Prey for Computer. Prey adds an additional layer of defense to your iPhone; making it much easier to track it in case of being lost or stolen.

What steals the show for it is the ability to snap the pic of the intruder and map the location.