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Or your backlight may be going out. Does this happen when you tilt the screen back and forth? Any vertical or horizontal lines appearing at any time? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Tried all sort of resetting and looking at my power options but nothing out of the ordinary. I don't get any horizontal lines, or distortion when moving the display and it goes off at random times and can only be relit by coming out of sleep. One thing in particular that was quite weird about it I have the screen connected to an external monitor most of the time because of this issue in clamshell mode.

I unplugged the external and the internal screen momentarily came on and then went to turning off. I hope someone understood that. I'm now at the last resort of reinstalling the OS - but don't really want the hassle of doing that in case anyone else has any ideas. I tried replacing the inverter but the problem is still there. I think the inverter I brought off eBay might be 2nd hand Still yet to find out exactly when it is happening It can stay on for hours and then turn off and on multiple times in a short time.

I normally keep it on the 2nd to lowest brightness setting, and when the screen goes off, I just turn the brightness all the way down and back up again and it comes back on. Sometimes when putting the brightness back up it immediately goes off then on again. I don't see flickering at any other times though, it just immediately goes off so I don't think its a bulb problem. Pressing on the chassis around where the connectors are doesn't cut anything out and neither does moving the laptop or screen.

I've also ran apple hardware tests and tech tool hardware scans both finding no problems. Not that I know they can test for inverter or bulb problems I've done a fresh reformat as-well not from a time machine backup to no avail! Is it possible it could be power related because my battery is in the 'replace now' stage? But the problem happens on power as-well. Have you found any solutions?

Did you try replacing the inverter board again? Backlight is fidgety at best. Ive re-installed the OS The, only difference between pre OS reinstall and post OS reinstall is now the backlight will go off if the screen is moved from a certain position. Does anyone have an update and also a credible link for a diy inverter install? When waking the computer from sleep the backlight goes on and immediately off the screen itself stays on. If I adjust the brightness to 0 and then up it works again, but only until it randomly goes off again. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem?

That would be great! I decided to look into buying the equipment needed to perform this repair, because no local shop offered such a service. All I needed to do was to find a good repair video or step-by-step instructions on doing the actual repair.

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One even assured me that I would find several on YouTube , yet I found nothing of the sort. My suspicion grew when I noticed that none of these sellers were performing the actual repair service, but only selling the replacement parts. So I did more digging before purchasing the repair equipment. I finally made contact with an iPhone repair service shop in Springfield, Missouri that mentioned repairing iPhone 3GS coils on their website.

After the discussion that ensued, all of my suspicions were confirmed. The reason was that most iPhone replacement coils burn out within a few days of installation. The reason this does not work is because it isn't the coil that is malfunctioning. A short circuit on the board causes a surge to the coil that burns it out. So if you replace the coil and you don't fix the short on the circuit board, the new coil will eventually if not immediately burn out.

It's sad that there are so many scam artists on eBay and Amazon collecting the money of unsuspecting hard working individuals who think they can install replacement coils and IC chips.

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But until enough people get writing and reporting about this issue, it will probably persist. There's really only a couple of ways that you can safely remedy the dim screen of an iPhone without completely risking losing all of your investment. That's either replacing and installing a brand-new circuit board, or installing a used board from a broken iPhone. The sad news is that the integrated circuit board inside an iPhone isn't cheap. It's the most expensive component inside the phone. Everything that makes the iPhone an iPhone is on the circuit board.

Elsewise, you can take your chances on buying a broken iPhone 4 and plucking out the logic board, but broken iPhones with good backlight coils will cost as much as the logic board alone. But beware of what you buy. Upon first glance, it looks like you're getting a steal-of-a-deal buy, until you realize that there are no chips on the board whatsoever. I have no idea.

iPhone Backlight Repair - The Ugly Truth — navigate

Even if you were gutsy enough to attempt installing all of the components onto a bare iPhone circuit board, you'd have to get special soldering stencils for all the chips, and have some serious IC soldering skills to pull it off. Here comes the hard truth If you're thinking about buying an iPhone for the first time, here's what you need to understand! That little device has more technology packed into it than what most super computers could boast just 10 years ago. Why Apple creates such a fantastic but fragile device that has to be put in big blocky brick-like case to prevent shattering the screen is byeond me.

But buyer beware, you better protect your investment or you'll be crying all the way to the bank when you drop it from the slightest height to a hard surface. When you drop that precious piece of equipment down to a hard surface and you shatter the screen, there's a good chance that you damaged your logic board. If you're lucky, the logic board survived without any internal damage. But there's a chance that the micro-sized wires, connectors, and soldering on the circuit board could be cracked or pulled apart or short-circuited due to the shock of the drop.

That means the Iphone is in recovery mode. Itunes should detect the iphone and will give you a choice to restore the iphone Wiping Data. You can get out of it by pressing and holding the iphone power button until the apple logo shows up. Eric Murphy acepaladin Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Sana Rep: View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No.

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Voted Undo. Score Ever fixed something? Share your repair story with ImAGenius. We Are All Geniuses. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. Jake Devincenzi Rep: Hope this helps! Good luck!

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    • Most Helpful Answer. Brad Rep: Matt Rep: It is now restoring and updating the only options I was given Please note that when doing the initial sequence, my iphone would show an apple logo for about 3 seconds when on charge, then go black. That one worked. What DR93 suggested worked for me too. Score 4. Mike James mikejames Rep: Hope this helps, Mike James Apple Support. Score 3. I have the same issue. Luis Tamborrell Rep: Score 2. Score 1. This info helped me also, thank you!

      OMG thanks this seems to be working for me. Arman Rep: Thomas Rep: Hi Thomas, In my Iphone 4, iphone logo is flushing again and again till battery power remains. Ted Rep: Good luck.

      Cleaning up an on/off switch in iPhone 3GS

      Score 0. Gabby Simpson Rep: Its and i have one. It's half-way through and my wife and I both have one Iphone 4s. Kaelah Gray Rep: Tobistark tobi77 Rep: Kay Fu Rep: What appears now on d screen is a long line with itunes written on top. Jamie farrant Rep: Tihi Andrei Rep: Hi Tihi, Is your phone already in Recovery mode?

      Oliver motocross Rep: Eric Murphy acepaladin Rep: What worked for me with an iPhone 7: I held down the home button and the volume down button for 3 seconds. While holding those down, push and hold the power button. Keep all buttons held until itunes restore comes up, and the computer recognizes the iphone. Hopefully your phone isnt donzo. Add your answer Sana will be eternally grateful. View Statistics: