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If you don't have the app, go to this link HERE. We learned today via marketing emails forwarded to us from potential clients of AppGratis what the real reason it was pulled could be. With over 12 million users when the app was pulled, AppGratis had a bit of a mob going with their app. The large number of users allowed them to drive massive numbers of downloads to a targeted app quickly. It called this ability to drive large amounts of downloads at a rapid pace "bursting.

In the slide below, from late last year, they show off a few of their successful campaigns. To grow that number of users organically is a commendable thing. But to use that control to sell top 10 placement on the App Store is unquestionably bad for the App Store ecosystem. In an email forwarded to me by one potential customer of AppGratis, the sales representative touts:. With around 4 million users we reach high amount of downloading that translates in to the best top list rankings on the App Store.

The sales rep goes on to list the countries that AppGratis has enough users in to push an app to the top charts and the position on the charts those users can drive. Apple has made moves in the past to keep the App Store, especially the top 10 lists, as organic as possible. This recent move comes as no surprise, especially in the light of AppGratis selling their influence on the top 10 list on a per install basis. We've contacted AppGratis' PR agency for comment, but at the time of this writing we have yet to hear back.

We've also contacted Apple for comment. We'll update or follow up with another post if we hear back. Anyone who ventures outside with any regularity needs to know what the weather is doing, no matter how they get around. Thing is, people are often in a rush and need to either figure out how to plan for the day or wing it and hope for the best. For anyone who often finds themselves flying out the door and subsequently caught in the rain without an umbrella or sporting a thick coat in 60 degree temperatures, this list of at-a-glance weather apps is for you.

Music Therapy: Oncology is an app with personalized music therapy programs designed to support people who are being treated for cancer. The app's music programs are aimed at helping patients relax during their healing process. The search option is now front and center with the latest FourSquare update. Explicit Episode - 50 Shades of Matt. The completion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Explicit Episode - It's a Game! Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Minecraft, The Walking Dead: Episode 1, Uno and experimental FaceBook gaming. Dragon's Dogma, Call of Duty: Explicit Emergency Broadcast.

Emergency Broadcast. Explicit Episode - Bingo Wings. Explicit Episode - Sex Tape. The Pact. News - The Game Group update, more next generation console rumour and speculation, suggestions of an Xbox Lite. Explicit Episode - Black Lace Assassin. Explicit Episode - No Yoko! Scramble with Friends, Kingdoms of Amalur: Phamtom Detective, Dear Esther and Uncharted 3. News — Double Fine seek funding for a new project via Kickstarter, Blizzard themed board games, t. Explicit Episode - Non Sequitur. Reckoning Demo and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Explicit Episode - The Drop. Explicit Episode - Stayin' Alive. Saints Row: Explicit Episode - I, Lobot. The Old Republic and Monopoly. Devil May Cry HD collection rel. Explicit Episode - The Gibb-Factor. Explicit Episode - Ooh Shiny! Explicit Episode - Nordgasm. Explicit Episode - Bullet Point Central. Explicit Episode - Money Hats. Arkham City, Need For Speed: Zombies and Amnesia: Explicit Episode - Cunning Linguist. Noire the Complet. Explicit Episode - Heavy Petting. Explicit Game of the Month - Assassin's Creed.

Explicit Episode - Budgie Smugglers. Explicit Episode - Glory Hole. Explicit Episode - Ooh Friend! Gears of War 3, Driver: Explicit Game of the Month - Mirrors Edge. Explicit Episode - Let's connect!

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Madness Returns, Starcraft 2, Deux Ex: Explicit Episode - Golden Sample. Human Revolution and Quarrel. Crysis 2, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Bodycount, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, Bejeweled 2 and Dungeon Raid. Explicit Episode - Cincinatti Bowtie. Clean Game of the month - Overlord. Game of the month - August - Overlord. Explicit Episode - One Fiddy.

Brotherhood, Groov, Pulse: Volume 1 and Railworks 2 with the RailDriver cab controller. Explicit Episode - Mellow Bird. The completion of Bastion, Red Faction: Ascension of t. Explicit Episode - All Aboard! Explicit Episode - Intervention. Explicit Episode - Stirring the porridge. Tiny Tower and the completion of Shadows of the Damned. Retail roundup. Explicit Episode - The Wink. Explicit Episode - Barber's Sandwich. Explicit Episode - Geek Boner. Retail roundup,. The Da Vinci Disappearance, Fallout: New Vegas and Outland. News - Covering the 5 major E3 conferences Retail roundup, Twitter section and sexy quiz.

Explicit Episode - Super Injunction. Elite service detailed, L. Explicit Episode - Delirium. Daggerdale, Puzzle Quest 2, L. Explicit The Inside Guys. Things take a turn for the sinister as this week The Inside Guys take control while Matt and Daren have a well deserved break. Stealth vaping, air rage, banging headboards, indecent proposals and some holiday gaming. Explicit Episode - Glandular Glee-ver. Explicit Episode - Duck Butter. Explicit Episode - And then?

Explicit Episode - The Bad Touch. A World of Photo, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Gears of War. Explicit Episode - Reverse Cowgirl. News - Anonymous hackers attacking Sony, Commodore 64 being re- released, Minecraft gets a release date, Dungeon Siege 3 delayed and Twisted Metal gets.

Explicit Episode - Covered in Win. The completion of Dead Space 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Back to the Future: Episode 1, Superbrothers: Lord of Mirrors and Warlock of Firetop Mountain. News - Game staff encouraged to buy 3DS hardw. Explicit Episode - iFap. Sword and Sworcery and Drawn: Explicit Episode - The Colonel.

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Retail roundup, Twitter section and sexy quiz. Explicit Episode - Too Sexy. Call of God, Geocaching and Torchlight. News - Free Microsoft points. Explicit Episode - Cuddle Him!

Bulletstorm, Dragon Age 2, Back to the Future: Episode 1. Explicit Episode - Pretty Ridiculous. News - Talks of Bungie's next move, new Left4Dead 2 content coming, InFamous 2 special edition details, Telltale upcoming releases and the first. Explicit Episode - Subliminal. Explicit Episode - Blood Orange. Bulletstorm, James Bond Explicit Episode - Waheystation.

Explicit Episode - Terry Worgen. Explicit Episode - Year of the Rabbit. Dragon Age: Explicit Episode - Vajazzled. Explicit Episode - Soggy Biscuit. The completion of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas and Sanitarium. Explicit Episode - Badly packed kebab. Explicit Episode - Moose Knuckle. Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Explicit Episode - Dropping a deuce. Super Laser Racer, Need for Speed: Clean Episode - Fish Sticks.

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Explicit Episode - Bro'mo-sexual. The completion of Fable 3, Halo: Clean Episode - Master Baker. The completion of Vanquish, Need for Speed: Explicit Episode - Uncle Vader. Clean Episode - Friends with benefits. A 2, Halo: Reach first. News discussion - Nintendo 3DS release date, Xmen: Explicit Eurogamer Special.

Explicit Episode - High Five! Explicit Episode - Freddie Chief. RUSE, Halo: Explicit Episode - Crafty Butcher. Starcraft 2, Guitar Hero: News discussion - Dead Rising 2: Explicit Episode - Fat back. The completion of Shank, Starcraft 2, Godville and Vanquish. Explicit Episode - Tuppence World. Explicit Episode - Dwarf Mania. Origins, Aion and PS Home. Explicit Episode - HPW. News discussion - Bioshock Infinite tease, Call of Duty: Explicit Episode — Is it safe? Explicit Episode - May contain nuts. Explicit Episode - Dos dedos de mi amigo. The completion of Dragon Age: Clean MidLife Gamer Meet: Richard Garriot.

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Explicit MidLife Gamer Meet: Jon Hare. Explicit Episode - Balls Deep. Green Day: Rock Band, Dragon Age: Explicit Episode 99 - Wizards Sleeve. Explicit Episode 98 - Wave 'em up. News discussion - Singstar branching out with Dance and Guitar, Portal 2 cross platform gaming, Crackdown 2 demon achievements, Activision not ar. We take a look at the Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony press conferences from this years E3. Explicit Episode 97 - Sunbed Hero. Explicit Episode 96 - Biddy Fiddler. Explicit Episode 95 - Red for Dead. News discussion - PSN tiered subscr.

Explicit Episode 94 - Spray on pants. Prince of Persia: News discussion - Killzone 3. Explicit Episode 93 - Electric Boogaloo. Explicit Episode 92 - General Erection. Explicit Episode 91 - Old Spice. The completion of Splinter Cell: Explicit Episode 90 - Pant Mustache. Splinter Cell: News discussion - Captivate annoucements including Marvell V's Capcom.

News discussion - Demons Souls c. Explicit Episode 88 - Welease Woger. Explicit Episode 87 - Heavy Wayne. News discussion - PS3 removal of Linux, theft. Explicit Episode 86 - Munter Hunter. Explicit Episode 85 - Oh Tiger!!! Conviction, Perfect Da. News discu. Explicit Episode 83 - Chat Roulette. Explicit Episode 82 - You're motoring. Explicit Episode 81 - How to look good naked.

Explicit Episode 80 - Fap Off. A killing spree is always better when shared, and that's why Blue Estate offers the opportunity for a second player to join the fun, through a cooperative mode where every headshot counts to show who's the best trigger in da house!

Several generations have passed since the human colonists of Planet Draco lost contact with Earth. Now they face the return of an old threat, a colossal destroyer known as the White Phantom. In ''Crimson Dragon,'' control your dragon and fight off the violent enemy life forms. Teach your dragon new skills, and train it to face combat in harder missions. The downloadable version of this game supports English.

Blue Estate is a black-humoured and corrosive rail shooter, adapted from the critically acclaimed and Eisner Award nominated graphic novel, Blue Estate by Viktor Kalvachev! This game requires a Kinect Sensor. The Gunstringer!

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  3. 'State-backed hackers' targeted Australia's main political parties?
  4. We 're bringing you an all-new type of Kinect game where you 'll puppeteer an awesome skeleton cowboy marionette with your hands. Brace yourself for an action-packed production of gunplay on the vengeance trail! Become the daring lizard and continue the adventure from the movie by shooting and riding your way through his many adventures. Single Player, 5. Set in a cyberworld, this legendary fast-paced action-shooter created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi will provide the ultimate audiovisual experience as you target the enemies and hack the system while creating your own beats.

    Five challenging areas, each with its own theme as well as unlockables waiting to be discovered. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.