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Latest version 9. Impressive Google Earth update rolls out after two years of silence While Google Earth had its moment, it's quite clear that it's lost momentum over the years due to largely being eclipsed by the features on Google Maps and a clear absence of new developments in 3D visualization.

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Add yours. Previous versions Free 9. Google Inc. Licence model: Freeware Language: English Release date: Review by editorial.

The world in the palm of your hand

About Google Earth. Google Earth puts an amazing world of exploration at your fingertips, with a huge amount of geographical information and a convenient display of points of interest that Google Maps doesn't quite give. Fully-textured 3D buildings in many locations provide a real flyby experience of major cities and popular destinations, while detailed, selectable layers are easy to display and interpret.

More images. The Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The button above takes you to the Google website where you can download Google Earth software for free. We frequently use Google Earth for research, learning, and fun! We receive no compensation from Google for recommending their service.

Google Earth

We are simply enthusiastic users of the Google Earth product. Hope you enjoy! Find Your Car!

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Google Earth images are so detailed that you might be able to spot your car in the office parking lot! But, keep in mind that the data is not live-updated from satellites. The image might show where you were parked last month or last year! Google Earth will install on most computers with just a few clicks. Most people are surprised to learn that Google Earth will even work on their tablet computer or phone.

Take it with you while traveling to check out beaches, neighborhoods, fishing locations, hiking areas, and much more. When you launch the Google Earth program on your computer or mobile device it will display an image of the Earth from space. You can easily use the controls to "fly" down and find your location.

The world in 3D on your Android device

However, if you are in a hurry, you can simply search for an address or the name of a landmark or the geographic coordinates. Google Earth will quickly "fly" you right to your destination. Seldom-Seen Places: Some people believe that Google Earth provides too much information about important buildings, which might lead to security concerns.

Others believe that Google Earth allows close-up views of their property which violate their privacy. Google Earth was originally called "Earth Viewer 3D.

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The software was developed to be a program for "browsing the earth" - and that is exactly what it does. Google purchased Keyhole in , and with that acquisition it obtained Earth Viewer 3D, which it improved and distributed free to the public starting in Get your free copy of Google Earth using the blue button below. Check Out Real Estate: If you are in the market for a home or commercial property, Google Earth can help you get a quick look without needing to drive there.